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DeVry Professor Holds Student’s Baby While Teaching ClassWhen you were college did you ever get in trouble for talking during class? What about your cellphone ringing in the middle of your professor’s big speech?
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This Photo Of A Centipede A 14-Year-Old Pulled Out Of His Ear Is The Worst Thing You Will Ever See
VIDEO: Woman Tells Her 6-Year-Old To Punch Another Woman In The Face While She Holds Her Down
VIDEO: Kid Loses His Mind About His Cast When He Wakes Up From Surgery
Remember The Claw Machine You Loved As A Kid? Here Is The Science Behind It And You Will Be Mad
Kid Is P***ed That His Comic Strips Were Pulled From PaperZaltsberg sags he called the boy back, but "he was still pretty mad."
Family Being Accused Of Having 6-Year-Old Kidnapped To Teach Him A Lesson
11-Year Old Boy's Hilarious Response To Crush Goes Viral!An 11-year-old boy's super-serious response to his crush's letter has gone viral.
Cruelest Prank Ever? Killing A Kid?

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