Watch Jason Derulo Hijack A Tour Bus And Sing Karaoke!Best. Segment. Ever.
LISTEN: Dallas Cowboy Jeremy Mincey Sings Elton John!What a hilarious guy!
VIDEO: Uber Driver Goes Viral For Singing The Weeknd With His RidersI wish I'd get a ride in his car!
WATCH: Katy Perry, Britney Spears And More Sing Karaoke
Sam Smith Singing Beyonce At Karaoke After Tweeting In SickI can’t wait to ask Sam Smith about this tonight.
Zazza & Julie Play Helium KaraokeCheck out our hilarious Helium Karaoke Mashup!
Crazy Office Holiday Party StoriesWe shared the crazy stories of office holiday parties past.
The Most Requested Karaoke SongsIt's National Karaoke Week! Who knew? In honor of the tone deaf barroom pastime, we found the most requested karaoke songs and even attempted to sing a few of our faves!
10 Best Sing-Along Songs of 2012
Dallas Mavericks Show Holiday Spirit By Singing "Sleigh Ride"The Dallas Mavericks singing a Christmas song. Need we say more?
Dirk Nowitzki Sings "Born In The USA"Dirk Nowitzki is singing again. Check out this awesome video of him belting out a favorite Bruce Springsteen hit.
Karaoke Superstars To Shine For Turtle Creek Recovery Center

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