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Julie’s Jabber: When Did I Get So MEAN?

My husband and I had assumed our regular positions recently after putting our daughters to bed.



Julie’s Jabber: Words Of Wisdom From Bunny Bear

My baby is growing up. Parents say that stuff all the time but then there are the kick-in-the-gut moments when you see the evidence first-hand. My oldest is 10-years-old but she seems to have grown 3 years in the past week.


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Julie’s Jabber: Changing The World With Fat-Jokes (I’m Talking To YOU, Mindy Kaling)

I’m a little chapped about the controversy around Elle magazine. It was actress Mindy Kaling’s first time to grace the cover and she looked gorgeous. Some people were angry though. See, the cover usually features […]


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Julie’s Blog About Angry Facebook Comment Gets Unexpected Response

Julie’s blog post received an unexpected reply.


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Julie’s Jabber: Sucking The Fun Out Of The Holidays

Remember when Christmas was fun? I do, with perfect clarity. I remember writing letters to Santa and dreaming about those awesome Christmas cookies Granny made out of mashed potatoes. Seriously, mashed potatoes & peanut butter […]



Julie’s Jabber: Now Hiring A Sister Wife

I forgot I was Snack Mom for the soccer game this weekend. There has probably never been uttered a phrase so filled with First-World-Problem-irony, but it’s true. I forgot I was Snack Mom this weekend […]



Julie’s Jabber: My Email Spam Box Thinks I’m a Sex Addict

I have to empty my email spam box once a day and I’m always appalled by the stuff that’s in there.


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Julie’s Jabbers: Body Image Lessons From A Hypocrite

My oldest daughter is 9 so we’ve had many You-and-Your-Body discussions lately. I get a bit squirrely about some of her questions so, being the big chicken that I am, I bought her a book. […]



Julie’s Jabber: Hamsters Never End Well

We just bought our 6-year-old a hamster for her birthday. We did this knowing full well that at some point, something dreadful is going to happen to it. That’s because hamsters never end well. The […]


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Julie’s Jabber: ‘Megalodon’, Am I Smarter than a 9-Year-Old?

I’m still pretty angry about “Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives” which the Discovery Channel aired during Shark Week. I’m not mad the Discovery Channel outright LIED to make the show sensational. After all, these are […]