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Julie’s Lost Stuffed Animal Chaos

After a kids’ room clean out, chaos breaks out when a beloved stuff animal goes missing.


Creeper John

Vine Before 9: John Scares The Office

We set John on the task of scaring the office in our Vines Before 9.


Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Julie’s Jabber: Pulling Teeth

We have a predicament in my house at the moment. My youngest, the 5-year-old, is losing her teeth at a record pace. She lost 2 in the past 6 months and is currently working on […]


The UK Faces Budget Day As It Attempts to Recover From The Economic Crisis

Julie’s Jabber: Distracted Mom

There’s a meme circling the internet right now that’s been bugging me. It’s an essay directed to a Mom on her phone and it starts like this: Dear Mom On the iPhone, I see you […]


Dallas Does Roller Derby

They still do this? Seriously? Leigh Ann and Julie had no idea Roller Derby was still around.




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