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She Mail: Man About To Get Married Discovers He Has Kid With Ex

A HeMailer writes that he’s getting married in a month and just discovered he fathered a child with an ex. Julie helps sort things out in this morning’s She Mail.


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Julie’s Jabber: Kids Say the @#*&est Things

Bill Cosby had a TV show in the late ‘90’s called “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” where he laughed at cute observations from a collection of ankle-biters. We reference that show in my house all the time now, but we replace the word “DARNDEST” with the vilest profanity we can think of.


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She Mail: Couple Wonders If They Should Stay Together For The Kids

Couple has fallen out of love and asks Julie if they should stay together for the kids.


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Julie’s Review Room: Neighbors

New in theaters this week we have “Neighbors,” starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. Rogen plays Mac, who just purchased his dream home and moved in with his family. Efron plays Teddy, the President of the fraternity that moves in next DOOR.


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She Mail: Big Brother Worries About Risks Of Helping Sister In New Car Purchase

Julie gave advice to a brother who worries about the risk of helping his sister buy a new car.



Julie’s Jabbers: A Mother’s Right to Annoy

Mother’s Day is difficult for me because my own mother is deceased. This will be my 8th Mother’s Day without her and as anyone who has lost a Mom will tell you, it never gets easier.


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She Mail: Mom Says No Sharing Beds To Visiting Daughter And Fiancé

Julie helps a woman whose mother refuses to let her daughter and fiancé share a bed during visits.


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Julie’s Review Room: Spider-Man

New in theaters this week we have “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” once again starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.


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She Mail: Woman Drops The L-Word And Receives Fist Bump

A woman dropped the L-Word on her boyfriend of 6 months and got a fist bump in response. Julie has advice for our She Mailers.


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She Mail: Woman’s Son Says Grandma Should Stop Commenting On His Facebook

Julie gave advice to a mother whose son says grandma should stop commenting on his Facebook posts.