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Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Julie’s Review Room: Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Spring Break is coming up for lots of kids so it’s the perfect time for this week’s movie “Mr. Peabody & Sherman.” It’s about the world’s smartest dog who adopts a boy and teaches him history using a time machine.


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She Mail: Woman Fears Her Jealous Habits Could Ruin Another Relationship

Julie gave advice to a bridesmaid with bridal shower concerns, a woman being hounded for a 2nd date, and jealous girlfriend fearful she’ll ruin another relationship.


2010 Australian Open - Day 9

Julie’s Jabber’s: I’ve Forgotten How to Have Fun

I was chatting with a girlfriend today when I realized I’ve completely forgotten how to have fun. She told me about a concert she’s taking her kids to and I honest-to-God thought, “Ugh, that sounds awful.”


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She Mail: Woman Waiting On Married Man To Leave Wife

Julie gave advice to a woman whose family think her boyfriend is a mooch, a mother whose teen daughter is freaked out by mom’s fiancé, and a woman waiting on married boss to leave wife.


Julie Fisk - non stop Review

Julie’s Review Room: Non-Stop

Julie Fisk Joined CBS 11 To Talk About Her Latest Movie Review: Non-Stop


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She Mail: Wife Finds Another Woman’s Business Card In Husband’s Laundry

Check out the advice Julie had to give this morning’s She Mailers.


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She Mail: Woman Shocked To Discover Father’s Affair

This morning, Julie gave advice on dealing with a soccer mom, a husband’s annoying best friend, and how to address a father’s affair.


Liverpool Youth Football

Julie’s Jabbers: I AM the Screaming Soccer Mom

I’ve heard people gripe about parents who lose it at kids’ sporting events but I never really cared until I BECAME that parent.


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Julie’s Review Room: Pompeii

New in theaters this week, we have “Pompeii,” starring Kit Harrington as a slave turned Gladiator.


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She Mail: Woman Horrified By New Boyfriend’s Messy House

This morning, Julie gave advice to a She Mailer horrified by her new beau’s messy home.