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"Captain America: The Winter Soldier"

Julie’s Review Room: Captain America

New in theaters this week we have Chris Evans in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”


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She Mail: Woman Claims She Has Secret To Perfect Relationship

Woman thinks she has perfect relationship, but her friends don’t think so. Julie helps her sort out who’s right.


Singapore's Only Frog Farm Experiences Sales Boom

Julie’s Jabbers: Sure You’re Cute Now, But Just Wait

Something incredible happened to me & my kids the other day. NBC was taping an episode of “Salvation” near our house and we went to watch. The producers saw my girls and brought us over to watch Ashley Judd up close. They must have been fathers themselves because they were so sweet to my girls.


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She Mail: Woman Desires Family Heirloom Ring

A woman wrote in this morning asking how she should ask for a family heirloom ring.


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She Mail: Woman Runs Into Ex At Cher Concert

This morning, a woman who had an awkward run in with her ex at the Cher concert is asking for insight into the encounter. Check out what Julie had to say!


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Julie’s Jabbers: Can’t. Stop. EATING.

There are some tried & true methods we’re told to follow when trying to lose weight like “find someone who will hold you accountable” and “write down everything you eat in a day.”


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She Mail: Woman’s New Beau Has Gassy Problem

Julie had advice for a woman whose new beau blames his farts on the dog.


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Julie’s Review Room: Divergent

New in theaters this week we have “Divergent,” which is based on the best-selling Young-Adult novel of the same name. It’s about a society divided into factions, and what happens to those who don’t fit in, like our main character Tris.


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She Mail: Mother Worried After Finding Cigarettes In Teen Daughter’s Car

Julie gave advice to a mom who found cigarettes in her teen daughter’s car.


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Julie’s Jabber: Shielding My Kids from Vulgarity & Other Exercises in Futility

My sister came to visit this weekend and inadvertently taught my kids some new swear words (sorry Big Sis but YES, you’re getting busted via blog).