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She Mail: Woman Concerned Masseuse Is Crossing A Line

This morning, we helped a woman who thinks her massage therapist is getting too handsy.

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Julie’s Jabbers: “Single White Female” Starring ME

Everybody has that one friend who always looks incredible.


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She Mail: Friends Debate On Making Big Deal Out Of Birthdays

This morning, Julie gave advice to a pair of ladies disputing on just how big a deal one should make about their birthday.


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Julie’s Review Room: ‘Heaven Is For Real’

New in theaters this week we have “Heaven is for Real,” based on the true story of a 4-year-old boy who has a near-death-experience and then describes the things he sees in Heaven.


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She Mail: Woman Unhappy With Boyfriend’s Joke About Encouraging Her Weight Gain

We gave advice to a woman not happy with the weight she’s gained since dating her boyfriend and doubly unhappy with boyfriend’s encouragement to gain more.


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Julie’s Jabbers: (SPOILER ALERT) Let’s Talk About The Easter Bunny

I am NOT a fan of Easter. I’m not talking about the Easter we celebrate in church so you can stop that angry letter-writing campaign right now.


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She Mail: Woman Finds Husband’s Hidden Bank Account

A woman seeks advice after stumbling across husband’s hidden bank account.


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She Mail: Woman Has Disagreement With Boyfriend Over Social Media Relationship Status

This morning, we helped a woman who is in a disagreement about changing relationship statuses on Facebook.


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She Mail: Woman Tired Of Parents Setting Up Blind Dates

This morning, we had She Mails from a woman tired of blind dates set up by her parents. Check out the other She Mails we had this morning and the advice Julie gave.


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Julie’s Jabbers: I Want My MTTV (Medieval Times TV)

I went to Medieval Times for the first time ever this weekend. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t enjoy it or that I was too cool for the whole thing. The truth is that I had a blast and was cheering on my knight in a goofy paper crown along with everyone else, but one question kept flashing through my mind.