We Can't Stop Watching This Video Of How Lipstick Is Made!There are so many steps! Who knew it was this complicated to make lipstick!
Netflix Releases 'Gilmore Girls' Trailer! OMG! We Can't Wait!They also told us when it was coming out!
Here Are The Hottest Male Athletes Headed To Rio For The Olympics!I guess we are going to watch now! LOL
Olympic Athlete Was Kidnapped In Rio! The Olympics Are Officially A Hot Mess!These might be the craziest Olympic games EVER!!
This Ghost Following A Man Into A Taxi Will Freak You Out!This gave us chill bumps! WOW!
This Is How Matt Damon Lost 60 Pounds For A Movie One TimeThis is how he lost all that weight!
Did You See Elizabeth Banks Spoof Donald Trump At The Democratic Convention?Did you see her entrance? She totally spoofed Donald Trump.
Watch This Deaf Baby Hear His Mother For The First Time!OMG! This is so cute!
Woman Arrested After Using Children To Pickpocket At Snuffer's In Addison!
It Looks Like Lindsay Lohan Is Pregnant!Do you think she is pregnant?
Mila Kunis Talks About Ashton Kutcher's Junk With James Corden!This was hilarious!
Get Ready To Say Goodbye To Vampire Diaries! This Is Their Final Season!We hate to see it go, but all great shows must come to an end.

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