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A New List of the Ten Most Stressful JobsIs your job on the list?
Job Stress ‘As Bad As Second Hand Smoke’You’d be hard-pressed to find a non-smoker who wouldn’t leave a room filled with second-hand cigarette smoke, but how many of us leave a workplace filled with stress?
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Botched Boob Job Makes Woman Look Like She Has Four Breasts!
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The Most Epic Time I Ever Ended My Employment, And Other Stories.My most epic instance of leaving a job came in 2008 - these others are funny too!
Lindsay Lohan's New Job Is Perfect For Her
Amanda Bynes Wants To Be What???
Man Goes In For Drug Test And Is Told He Is Pregnant
BREAKING: Pippa Middleton Set To Get Offer From Today Show
Kim Kardashian Says North Will Work Like She Had To
The Most Unprofessional Things We've Done While On The JobWe shared our stories of being really unprofessional at work.
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