Jersey Shore

Snooki’s Boyfriend Proposes

[pullquote quote="I want us to be together forever. I could see us having children. " credit="Jeff Miranda, Steppin' Out"]On last week’s episode of Jersey Shore, Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi called it quits with boyfriend Emilio. But […]


The Stars Dance This Fall

Season 11 on Dancing With The Stars has been announced. We’ve got the scoop!


John Mayer Sends Heidi Montag Flirty Messages? Steve Kemble Has The Scoop

Surely this is just a rumor!? Steve Kemble dishes the details, plus has a great “What’s Hot” for all you soap lovers! Check it out:


Beat David Rancken — August 3

Want to win a cool prize? Are you up for a trivia contest against our News Director, David Rancken? Gene and Julie play Beat David Rancken weekday mornings at 6:30amCST Are you up for the […]


Beat David Rancken — June 16, 2010

Here are today’s questions… 1)  Who is Charlie Sheen married to? 2)  What TV show would you find Snookie? 3)  What goes Snap, Crackle, Pop 4)  What’s the name of the Vietnam movie that Charlie […]




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