Jennifer Lawrence

Here's Jennifer Lawrence's Advice To Young GirlsListen up!
Anna Faris Grills Hubby Chris Pratt's Onscreen Love InterestsHaha. Talk about awkward!
Watch Katy Perry Fangirl Over Jennifer Lawrence"I can make it in the world, you inspire me!"
VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence Goes Off On Reporter Backstage At The Golden Globes
VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence Admits She's Kissed Liam Hemsworth Off Camera And Smoked Pot At The Oscars
Jennifer Lawrence Describes Her First Love Scene...With Chris PrattLike most of us, she had to drink beforehand.
VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence Majorly Disses Lindsay Lohan
Melissa Rivers as Joan Rivers in New Jennifer Lawrence MovieJennifer Lawrence has a new movie called "Joy" and the movie is the story of QVC host Joy Mangano, portrayed by Jennifer. By the way, QVC shoppers probably have seen her Joy Mangano hangers for sale on QVC. This movie is about her start for '"Miracle Mop," the product that would make her an industry legend.
Adele's Friend Squad Might Top Taylor Swift's!Which group would you rather hang with?
VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence Storms Out Of Interview
Jennifer Lawrence Takes A Tumble (Again!)
Jennifer Lawrence Writes Essay On Gender Wage EqualityI felt compelled to read Jennifer’s essay. Most of us girls have been there at some point, or are still there. (No disrespect by calling us ‘girls.’) Many actresses and actors like Bradley Cooper have shared and posted her article with a big thumbs up. More important, she’s shining a light on something still so pervasive in workplaces. After all, she admits, she’s making millions. Just millions less than her co-stars.

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