SOMA, TURKEY - MAY 19:  Children use playground equipment on May 19, 2014 in Soma, Turkey. Three individuals, who were among 25 people detained in connection with the mining disaster, are facing a charge of causing multiple deaths. Thee hundred and one people died when an explosion and fire took place within the coal mine May 13, resulting in Turkey's worst mining disaster.  (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

This Family Could Go To Jail Over Their Amazing Purple Playground

We just want to start this off by saying we love this couples purple swing set. The Home Owners Association disagrees though. They want the couple to have it removed or they could face major […]

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MIAMI - FEBRUARY 02: A judges gavel rests on top of a desk in the courtroom of the newly opened Black Police Precinct and Courthouse Museum February 3, 2009 in Miami, Florida. The museum is located in the only known structure in the nation that was designed, devoted to and operated as a separate station house and municipal court for African-Americans. In September 1944, the first black patrolmen were sworn in as emergency policemen to enforce the law in what was then called the "Central Negro District." The precinct building opened in May 1950 to provide a station house for the black policemen and a courtroom for black judges in which to adjudicate black defendants. The building operated from 1950 until its closing in 1963.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Texas Judge Orders Man To Marry His Girlfriend Or Do Jail Time

This is a crazy story. A Texas judge ordered a man to marry his girlfriend on the spot, or do jail time. The man hit his girlfriends ex boyfriend in the face when he got a […]

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Bruce Jenner Calls The Police, Paparazzi Broke The Law

The Bruce Jenner photos were all over the news this morning. Paparazzi took photos of him in a dress at his house, and they were all over the news this morning. Bruce called the police […]

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Rapper Nelly Gets Arrested!

It’s gettin’ pot in herre!



PHOTO: Chris Brown Has A Baby?!

“Look at me now…I’m getting ba-bies!”


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Couple Arrested After Stealing 57 Blocks Of Cheese

Of course this story took place at Wal-Mart, where else would have it happened. They got caught stealing cheese, and found over $300 worth of cheese in their car. Not only that they had detergent, […]

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Lindsay Lohan, Prosecutor Says BS… Recommending Jail

Lindsay Lohan could be on her way back to jail for doing BS community service instead of the community service the court expected. Law enforcement sources have told TMZ, that prosecutor Terry White is furious […]

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It’s Time For Lindsay To Go To Jail! Enough With The Excuses!

Lindsay Lohan was lucky enough to get an extension on her community service the first time around. Well it looks like she is going to come up short yet again. She was supposed to have […]

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Lindsay Lohan Fails Community Service – Possible Jail Again!

Lindsay Lohan’s recent hospitalization in London may be part of an effort to avoid going back to jail. Her lawyer goes to court next week to announce her client has failed A SECOND TIME to […]

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‘Paranoid’ Teresa Giudice Telling Friends Her Phones Are Tapped!

Friends are concerned that Teresa Giudice from ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ is tipping over the edge, a friend recently confidentially said, “In the past several weeks, Teresa has been buying disposable cell phones, and keeps […]

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