Apple Loses Lawsuit and Must Pay $628,000,000!!!CNN reports VirnetX (VHC) is a patent holding company which profits by suing businesses it believes to have infringed on it's intellectual property, has taken on, and won... in a case against Apple!
Attention iPhone & iPad Users, Crash Safari Will Kill Your Device & Force A RebootIf you have an iPhone or iPad, there is a prank website running right now that will cause your phone to crash.
If You Have These Apps On Your iPhone You're At Risk Of Having Your Data Stolen!Hopefully none of these are on your phone!
iPhone 7 Details Are Floating Around!
iPhone Auto-Correct Changes "Larda$$" To KardashianTMZ reports if you type "Larda$$" into an iPhone text message, the suggested auto-correct is... Kardashian!
Apple's New iPhone Case Is Really Ugly But UsefulIn case you missed it, Apple just came out with a brand new battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6s. What's special about this case is that it offers extra battery life for your phone.
Who Was The Most Searched Celebrity Of 2015?
New Emojis For 2016 Have Been Revealed!Did someone say "bacon"?
Dolphin Rescues iPhone From Ocean Floor (VIDEO)Miami Heat dancer Teressa Cee recently had the opportunity to swim with dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean…
The Home Button On The New iPhone Is Burning People's Fingers
Don't Wanna Wait In Line For An iPhone 6S? Send A Robot Instead!I need one of these.
Great News For Apple iPhone, iPad And Mac UsersThis is a life (and SANITY) saver!

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