Salma Hayek Rushed To Hospital In "Topless T-Shirt"It doesn't really leave a lot to the imagination...
Woman Needed 250 Stitches-- In Her LadyParts-- After Water Jet AccidentCan you say "ouch"?
Three-Year-Old Girls Reaction To Dez Bryant Getting Hurt Is The Most Adorable Thing EVER!!
VIDEO: Woman Tries To Do The Splits On Live TV, But It Doesn't Go As Planned...Oopsie.
Meghan Trainor Cancels Shows Due To Injury!
Which OITNB Actress Suffered An Injury Filming A Sex Scene?There was blood involved.
Pitch Perfect 2 Actress Injured Herself TwerkingShe needs lessons from Miley!
Tori Spelling Rushed To The Hospital After Bad Burns
Baseball Player Injures Himself...Sneezing.Have you ever unexpectedly injured yourself?
Supermodel Hospitalized After Injury
The Most Dangerous Sexual Position!
Miley Cyrus Hospitalized For Weird Injury

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