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She Mail: Date’s Skimpy Homecoming Dress Trouble Mother & Son

This morning, Julie gave advice to a mother and son concerned about the skimpiness of the son’s Homecoming date’s dress.


Fairfield, CT, Marks Memorial Day With Parade

WATCH: Surprise Military Homecomings For Veterans Day

Today we honor all those who have served this great nation. It’s Veterans Day. So in honor of that we would like to offer these great moments from current servicemen and women.


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Students Suspended For Bringing Mints To School

Four students were suspended for bringing caffeinated mints to lunch


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Homecoming Queen Kicks Winning Field Goal

Girls have the power to do just about anything today. They can be homecoming queens or play football with the boys, or in the case of Brianna Amat, they can do both. Not only was […]



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