'Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade' Special Taped At Magic Kingdom

Coming Soon: Mariah Carey’s Christmas Movie!

“All we want for Christmas is heeeerrrrrr!”


Let's be honest: Kate Upton would probably look good in just about anything. How did these other celebs look in holiday sweaters? Photo from GettyImages

She Wore What? Celebrity Holiday Fashions

The “tacky Christmas sweater” has been making a comeback for a while now, whether you like it or not. Everyone from Pharell and Kate Upton to Jennifer Garner and Ansel Elgort rocked one this year. […]


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What Should Your Christmas Nickname Be??

It’s the holiday season, so I thought I would have a little fun and see what my Christmas Nickname would be. I ended up with “Top Shelf Elf” and I’m not sure how I feel about […]

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Duggar parents/Getty Images

The Duggars’ Strict Rules For Family Visits: No Dancing & No Dating!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have laid down the law to friends and extended family members about personal conduct during family visits. They include no dancing and no dating. Does your family have any holidays […]

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Is that Stevie? No, this photo is from Gettyimages

Stevie At it Again In #LightningTour2: ICE!

I had so much fun doing the last Lightning Tour video that I wanted to get another one up as fast as possible. Together with my trusty camera crew of one, I struck out for the […]


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10 Signs Of Christmas In DFW!

It’s Christmas in DFW! Here’s a great list of ten iconic things in DFW that really lets you know it’s the holiday season, but what do you think is missing from the list? What really means […]

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You can't judge a book by its cover. A present and it's paper, however... photo courtesy of GettyImages

Is This The Worst Holiday Mishap Ever?

Well, this is awkward. A holiday wrapping paper has been pulled from shelves after close inspection revealed a vastly inappropriate pattern woven into the decorative design. According to CNN, the weaving lines covering the holiday […]

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'Tis the Season for bad ideas. Photo from GettYImages

5 Things To Learn From Buzzfeed’s Bad Family Christmas Photos

There has got to be a better way to stay in touch during the holidays. Buzzfeed breaks down some of the worst Holiday Cards and family photos the internet has ever seen, here. For best […]

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These traffic stops are anything but routine! Photo from GettyImages

We Wouldn’t Mind Being Pulled Over By These Christmas Cops!

This Christmas season, a Michigan Police Department teamed up with UPtv Network and Viral guru Rob Bliss to bring a little Christmas cheer to Lowell, MI. Drivers were pulled over due to minor infractions and non-routinely interviewed […]

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Yeah... I'm a professional. Photo Credit: KVIL's own Ash

WATCH: Stevie Guides You Through A Holiday Hotspot

There’s only a few weeks left until Christmas Day, and you need help deciding which holiday festivities are worth your dollar. That’s where I come in! Take a hyper-speed tour of the Dallas Arboretum’s new holiday […]

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