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Woman Knifes Husband Over Smelly Poo

  I can’t believe I just typed that headline. Yes, you read it right. Incensed by the scent, she loses it. Emi Mamia, 29, was so disgusted by the smell after her husband took a […]

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WATCH: Teens Reacting To 90’s Songs Is Amazing And Sad

Ah, the 90’s. Weren’t they great? Everything from the music to the fashion to the pop culture. Not gonna lie…even though we all made a few questionable fashion choices during this era, there were quite […]

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VIDEO: Price Is Right Model Accidentally Gives Away A Car

Yikes! This was a moment that pretty BAD for the model and pretty GOOD for the contestant. Model Manuela Arbelaez accidentally revealed the correct price during the game after just one incorrect guess from the contestant resulting in […]

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Ladies: Would You Wear These Selfie Shoes?

I must say…this post is so 2015. Do you think the selfie stick is so 2014? You into wearing high heels? If so then the selfie shoe may just be what you need to get that […]

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“Where Does It Hurt”? 27 Dumbest Things Men Have Said In The Delivery Room

As revealed by moms…thank God I was temporarily smart enough to avoid these when my daughter Ava was born. Ah, pregnancy…something us men will never be able to relate to or (thankfully) have to experience. […]

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VIDEO: Judge Cracks Up At Drug Offender With Last Name Cocaine

Really? Cocaine? A man by the name of Edward Cocaine had been arrested for drug possession…yes drug possession in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and was appearing in front of the judge. As he began to introduce himself […]

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VIDEO: Cat Cuddles Bearded Dragon Lizard

Who doesn’t love a good cat video? There are literally millions on the web for you to AWWWW at. One of my favorite kind of cat video’s are cat’s interacting with unusual animals or things. […]

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VIDEO: Michael Bublé Does The Hot Dog Dance

If you have kids 10 or under you have probably heard of Mickey Mouse’s Hot Dog Dance. You’ve actually probably had it stuck in your head more times than you’d like to admit. And who […]

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20 Disturbing Easter Bunny Pictures You Have To See

Let’s be honest here. Every person as a child was forced to take that awkward mall picture with Santa or the Easter bunny. Some turn out cute and are passed down for generations. However, if […]

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Tinder Was Hacked And They Made These Two Guys Flirt With Each Other! It’s Pretty Funny

A computer engineer figured out a way to make a dummy account on Tinder, and make men flirt with each other. You have to admit this is pretty funny. Dirty guys swiping right trying to […]

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