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Tinder Was Hacked And They Made These Two Guys Flirt With Each Other! It’s Pretty Funny

A computer engineer figured out a way to make a dummy account on Tinder, and make men flirt with each other. You have to admit this is pretty funny. Dirty guys swiping right trying to […]

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VIDEO: Kid Grossed Out During Wedding Kiss

This hilarious wedding moment was filmed about a year ago but is only recently going viral. Check out the hilarious moment a kid says “ewww!!!” during the first kiss and the couple loses it! Luckily […]

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VIDEO: Watch Snoop Dogg Roast Justin Bieber

Not gonna lie…I have been counting down the days until this Justin Bieber roast. Luckily for me…and the rest of the world- we got a special sneak peek of rapper Snoop Dogg going in on […]

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Mom Reads Son’s Grinder Messages And It’s Kind Of Sweet

When you read the headline you don’t think there is anyway this could be cute. This mom is the most adorable thing you have seen all day though. You have to admit it’s pretty cute.

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This “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” Prank Phone Call To C-Span Is Amazing!

You have to admit, this is pretty awesome. I want to go party with this guy now. I want to know how the producers were acting in the back as they figured out what was […]

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Teens Steal Goat For Prom Proposal

Well I hope after all of this the girls said yes! A group of teens in Milton, Georgia went to the extreme to ask their prom dates to the school dance..they stole a goat! However, […]

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Courtney Kerr Sings Chrissy Teigen Tweets

Our very own Courtney Kerr and John Andersen of the afternoon show had a fun little sing off by singing their favorite person on Twitter’s tweets. Courtney chose Chrissy Teigen and we got it all […]

103.7 KVIL–03/10/2015

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VIDEO: This Guy Really Loves Little Caesars New Pizza

Who knew someone could get this excited about a pizza? This guy’s enthusiasm for the Little Caesar bacon wrap deep dish pizza is next level. You just have to check out this out for yourself.

103.7 KVIL–03/10/2015

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Cedar Hill Police Officer Spoofs Matthew McConaughey

Now this is just awesome. One of our very own, a local Cedar Hill police officer hilariously spoofed Matthew McConaughey’s iconic Lincoln ad in the coolest way possible. Sergeant Larry Wise, who replicated McConaughey, only […]

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Man Has “The Dress” Tattooed On His Leg And We Still Aren’t Sure What Color It Is

By now you have heard about the white and gold dress that is causing a stir all over social media. Is the dress white and gold? Or blue and black? You tell me? Well a […]

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