Reporter Gets Hit In The Face During Live Broadcast!
People Are Really Upset That The Reese's Hearts Look Worse Than The Christmas Trees!This is a blob of chocolate, not even close to a heart!
This Is How You Secretly Poop At Work!This is so funny!
The Blooper Real From Leigh Ann & Courtney's CBS 11 Spots Is Hilarious!
Doctors Claim BJ's Help Women Fight Depression!This had to have been written by a man, right?
Gay Men Touching A Woman's "Hotpocket" For The First Time Is Hilarious!The title of this basically explains everything you need to know.
These Might Be The Funniest Tweets About Sex EVER!
This Dad Kissing His Baby Looks Like A Naked Butt And People Are Freaking Out!We can't be the only people that see this right?
Here Are The Things Parents Told Us Growing Up That We Now Know Is Totally Weird!
Some People Dress Up Dolls, This Woman Dresses Up Men's "Hotrods"This is way funnier than we thought it would be!
Dad Crashing His Daughters Whip/Nae Nae Dance Is The Best Thing You Will See All Day!
Waiters Share The Craziest Stories They Have Heard While Working!

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