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Zazza & Julie Get Butt-Dialed And It Was Hilarious

We got butt-dialed this morning, and it was hilarious! Listen to the audio to see if the butt-dialer picks up!


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VIDEO: Japanese Dinosaur Prank Goes Viral

Dinosaurs attacking people in office buildings. Must be a hilarious Japanese prank going viral.



Vine Before Nine: Shark Week Attack!

John takes on Shark Week in today’s Vine Before 9!!


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VIDEO: Hungry Bear Rolls Away With Restaurant Dumpster

Hey Boo-Boo… I found a huge pic-a-nic basket on wheels!


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Korean News Station One-Ups Fake Pilot Names With A Few Of Their Own

A a Korean news station gave the Americans a taste of their own medicine with fake pilot names.


(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images for Amtrak)

Gross Things Kids Do In Public

Kids do the grossest things… And it always seems to be in public.


(Photo by TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Happy Free 7-11 Slurpee Day!

Today is 7-11 Free Slurpee Day! There is a video with an awesome Slurpee dance that you’ve gotta check out while you sip on your Slurpee today!


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Siri Backtalks Julie And Flirts With Tony

Julie is convinced that Siri hates her. We put Siri to the test to see who she really prefers: Tony or Julie.


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Crazy Stories We Believed As Children

What are the crazy gullible things you believed as a kid that you now realize are WAY OFF?


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People Who Will Make You Feel Better Feel Better About Your Athletic Abilities

Sometimes our athletic ability just leaves us just as a camera is rolling. Check out some of these awesome athletic fails.





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