This photo taken from a Chicago television station shows Theodore Kaczynski in a 1958 Evergreen, Illinois, High School yearbook. Kaczynski was detained by FBI agents in Lincoln, Montana, 03 April in connection with the 17-year-long mail bombing campaign by the man the FBI calls the Unabomber.            WBBM-TV via AFP PHOTO   WBBM-TV (Photo credit should read WBBM-TV/AFP/Getty Images)

The Best Year Book Quotes From 2015

Every year kids come up with the greatest year book quotes ever. We found a list of the best ones this year. One of our favorite is “Don’t say anything stupid in your year book […]

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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN:  Twins Gunhild Gallstedt, left, and Siri Ingvarsson cut their 100th anniversary birthday cake in Stockholm, Sweden, Jan. 28, 2005. Sweden's oldest living pair of twins, they still do all their shopping, cooking and cleaning by themselves. AFP PHOTO /  PRESSENS BILD / HENRIK MONTGOMERY    (Photo credit should read HENRIK MONTGOMERY/AFP/Getty Images)

Hilarious Moment 102 Year Old Grandma Spits Out Her Teeth Blowing Out Her Birthday Candles

This is possibly the most adorable video I have ever seen. This grandmother is having her 102 birthday, and when she goes to blow out her candles she spits out her false teeth. I laughed […]

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MOM LIE DETECTOR: “Have You Ever Taken Nude Pics?” And More!

This might be the best thing to come from this Mother’s Day. “Do you consider yourself a MILF?” or “Have you ever taken a nude pic?” are just a few questions kids asked their mom during […]

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HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 15:  Comedienne Margaret Cho arrives at the Opening Night of "Rock of Ages" at the Pantages Theatre on February 15, 2011 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Pantages Theatre)

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Margaret Cho! So Funny!

Margaret Cho is in town this weekend, and she swung by the studio for a little while. She happened to come by during take over trivia, and it was a blast. Good thing producer John […]

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Posts Of Cheaters Being Exposed On Facebook Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See

These literally made me laugh out loud. Careful…the language on a few is a bit raunchy, but generally these are just simply some of the most entertaining things you’ll read today. Mandatory.com compiled a list […]

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Kristen Wiig Does Impression Of Khaleesi From “Game Of Thrones” And It Will Make Your Day!

Kristen Wiig was on with Jimmy Fallon the other night, and she did an amazing “Game Of Thrones” Impression. She dressed up like Khaleesi, and even brought her dragons with her. If you make it […]

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The Newest Selfie Craze Is The Tuck, But You Have To See What They Call It

All the things that could go viral, or become a trend this was not on my list. You remember the tuck? Yeah, that one. Men are doing it again, and the pictures are hilarious. If […]

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Three Girls Arrested For Twerking!

The power of Miley Cyrus, am I right? Maybe their moves weren’t on point? Maybe Russian police have a really, really bad sense of humor? Could be both… Check out the full story HERE

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WATCH: Monkey Drop Kicks Man Who Gave It The Finger

#MonkeyMonday. Ok…that’s not a thing. But you’ll think it should be after seeing this display of greatness. Ya should have just walked away, man! (But I’m secretly glad you didn’t…) Watch HERE.  

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New Study Shows Which Country Has The Biggest Man Parts In The World

*Careful…no pics but risqué content* Hey ladies…ever wondered which country in the world is packin’ the most? We have the answer to that burning question! The Congo in Africa takes the cake with the country […]

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