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Steve Kemble Has The Truth About Spencer And Heidi’s Divorce Rumors

One day they were madly in love, the next day they cannot stand each other. Steve Kemble cracks the case about what is really going on with Spencer Pratt and [lastfm]Heidi Montag[/lastfm]!


John Mayer Sends Heidi Montag Flirty Messages? Steve Kemble Has The Scoop

Surely this is just a rumor!? Steve Kemble dishes the details, plus has a great “What’s Hot” for all you soap lovers! Check it out:


Heidi Montag's Ex Wants To Write A Tell All Book About Their Relationship… Who Is Heidi's Ex?

Hard to believe it’s true, Spencer Pratt claims he will write a tell all book about his failed relationship with Heidi Montag. Do you care? Take our Poll! Are you up for a trivia challenge? […]


Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgeon Frank Ryan Dies in Car Crash

Celebrity Plastic Surgeon, Frank Ryan Dies in Car Crash