Things All Couples Dread About Valentine’s Day

Why does it seem like all your single friends hate you on Valentine’s Day? The pressure for men to buy the best flowers and gifts, and out do all your friends. Trying to make dinner […]

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Have You Sent Someone You Hate A Glitter Bomb?

Have  seen this yet? It’s kind of awesome. You can send someone you don’t like a box that shoots out a ton of glitter for them to clean up. You can see the full story […]

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Hollywood’s Most Hated Celebrities! The New List!

E-Poll (the people who track what you think about celebrities) have updated their likeability data for its annual celebrity likability scores, and the results might surprise you! How do they determine that people love Anne Hathaway (she scored a […]

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Americans Must REALLY Hate Doing This

How stressful is it to buy a new car? According to THIS SURVEY, 1 in 5 said they would rather give sex up for a month than haggle over buying a new car. Another crazy statement: […]


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Lifehack: How To Properly Iron A Dress Shirt

I love to look dapper. To go out on the town in a sharp outfit looking like a million bucks, is one of my favorite things. But, there is an ugly side to getting dressed up. IRONING!


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Hated Halloween Candies & Our Favorite Trick-Or-Treats

Hated Halloween candy and the treats we can’t get enough of. Here’s a guide to the candy you should be passing out this Halloween.


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Dick Van Dyke Claims The “Mary Poppins” Author Hated Him

Dick Van Dyke claims that P.L. Travers, the author who created Mary Poppins, hated him and the rest of the cast of the 1964 film. TMZ is reporting that Van Dyke, who played Bert in […]