New Study Reveals What We Hate Worse: Hot Days or Cold DaysToday's DFW high, 65. Tomorrow's high, 42. As far as really hot or really cold, which one is hardest for you?
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These 15 Halloween Costumes For Men Will Make You Shake Your Head Until Your Neck Hurts
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Americans Must REALLY Hate Doing This
Lifehack: How To Properly Iron A Dress ShirtI love to look dapper. To go out on the town in a sharp outfit looking like a million bucks, is one of my favorite things. But, there is an ugly side to getting dressed up. IRONING!
Hated Halloween Candies & Our Favorite Trick-Or-TreatsHated Halloween candy and the treats we can't get enough of. Here's a guide to the candy you should be passing out this Halloween.
Dick Van Dyke Claims The "Mary Poppins" Author Hated Him

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