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Julie And The Great Hamster Escape

Julie contended with a rebelious 6-year-old and an escaped hamster this weekend.


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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Poolside Killjoys

Parking spot thieves, hamsters afraid of heights, and poolside party poopers are just a few of the things ain’t nobody got time for!



Julie’s Jabber: Hamsters Never End Well

We just bought our 6-year-old a hamster for her birthday. We did this knowing full well that at some point, something dreadful is going to happen to it. That’s because hamsters never end well. The […]


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Julie’s Birthday Hamster Dilema

Julie needs some advice on getting a birthday hamster for her daughter.


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Hamster Association Accused Justin Bieber Of Animal Cruelty

The California Hamster Association (CHA), yeah we didn’t know they existed either, have accused Justin Beiber of animal cruelty for giving away his pet hamster to a fan. TMZ is reporting that the CHA has […]


Photo Captured from YouTube

Just A Hamster Doing Back-Flips

This little guy is an incredible athlete. I counted about 58 back-flips in about a minute. Unfortunately he is a little late for the Olympics this summer, maybe next time little buddy.