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What Would Happen If McDonald’s And Burger King Had A Baby?

Introducing… The McWhopper!

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80-Year-Old Women Makes Her Own Racy Carl’s Jr Commercial

This video is hilarious to me. She really wants to be on a Carl’s Jr commercial. You have to help us get Mary on the commercial. Share the video and lets see if we can […]

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Casey Kasem’s Wife Throws Hamburger at Daughter

The saga of the Casey Kasem continues to get weirder. Over the weekend, his wife threw a pound of hamburger at his daughter when the latter came to pick up her dad in Silverdale, Washington. After being […]

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Police Officer Named Burger Responds To Call Involving Hamburger Meat

Who do call to break up a hamburger meat fight? A police officer named “Burger.”


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The Not-So-Secret Menu Of In-N-Out Burger

Just what is a Double-Double Animal Style? Check out the famed secret menu of In-N-Out Burger.



Woman Allows Cheesburger To Sit On Shelf For One Year

Melanie Hesketh was wondering what happens to one of those little fast food burgers as it starts decomposing, as any food naturally would. Well the answer might be a little surprising.


We Love Unkilled Hamburger

 We all love animals… Right? Being a lover of  cows, Leigh Ann happened to find an article containing scathing remarks for hunters. Something doesn’t quite seem right though.


Not Happy In San Francisco

Better get Mayor McCheese on the phone. The Hamburglar may have struck in San Francisco.  The Happy Meal Gang is banned.