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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Oops! You totally forgot that you have to take the kids trick or treating this weekend! Or maybe you have a costume party to go and all the costumes at the Party City or Halloween Express are gone. What do you wear? You don’t want to be that lame person without a costume.



What’s Hot: Costumes and Critters at the Dallas Zoo

What’s HOT: Costumes and Critters at the Dallas Zoo are HOT!   CLICK HERE for more info

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Dogs are dressed as a prison guard (R) a

The Most Unusual Costumes For Your Dog

Pups and robbers


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DFW Town Moving Halloween To Accommodate Football Game

We all know High School football is king in Texas. This story proves that. In Decatur, trick-or-treaters will head out this year on Thursday, Oct. 30. Why? To make room for the Decatur High School […]

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Women In Halloween Costumes

What’s better than Halloween? Women in Halloween costumes of course!



NO THANKS: The Haunted Car Wash Prank

The premise to this is brilliant and terrifying at the same time. The drivers were told they were on their way to a filmed Ford test drive, but had to make a quick stop at […]

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Ebola Costume Is Dominating Terrible Halloween Costume Trends

And in this year’s tasteless costume ideas: for $79.99, you can buy an Ebola costume. The costume comes complete with an Ebola White Costume Suit, face shield, mask, safety goggles, and blue latex gloves. This shouldn’t […]

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The maggot-themed cupcake from the 'Eat Your Heart Out 2012' cake shop in St. Bartholomew's Pathology Museum in London. (Photo by BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Boo-tiful Halloween Treats

Because who doesn’t love eating witches’ toenails.



This Guy Sure Knows How to Put on a Halloween Light Show: Watch

If you’re looking for a few tips on how to do a killer Halloween light show, you should reach out to Steve Jandick, stat.


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How To Get Jessica Lange’s “Life On Mars” Look This Halloween

Was I the only one who thought Jessica Lange looked a little like Madonna during her singing scene on American Horror Show: Freak Show the other night?





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