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VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Told Parents To Tell Their Kids They Ate All Their Halloween Candy, And It’s Hilarious

For the fourth year in row Jimmy Kimmel has pulled this trick on kiddos. Every single year I can’t get enough of it. It is brilliant, kind of mean, and hilarious all at the same time. […]

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Julie’s Jabbers: Forget the Boogie Man, I’m Scared of Stranger Danger

I volunteer at my kids’ school and like most parents, I’m required to take an annual child safety course so I can continue to do so. These classes always scare me but the one I took this year aged me 10 years in a half hour.


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#SATWordOfTheWeek: Katy Perry Is Halloween Aberration

Aberation, n; a state or condition markedly different from the norm. In a pop culture sentence: “Katy Perry continues to be a cultural aberration, rocking a bright orange Cheeto getup for Halloween.” Spy the story as […]

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2014 Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Only North West could look cute as a skunk.


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Halloween Today…Vs. Halloween In The 70’s

The costume was crinkly plastic…AND WE LIKED IT!

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Dream Interpreter Breaks Down Your Scariest Nightmares

Damian from School of Metaphysics dropped by to help us with our dreams!   If you would like to learn more about dream interpretation, the School of Metaphysics is offering a short course on Tuesdays, […]

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Twisty The Clown Takes Over Zazza Mornings

We had our very own Twisty the clown come in studio to scare people around the studio. Shoboy from Shoboy en la Manana was the first victim, then we found random people in the hall, McDonalds workers, […]

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by Christy Parker aka the Girl Who Ate Everything

Happy Halloweeeeeen From ALL Of Us At KVIL!!

Today on Zazza Morning’s, “Foodie Friday”‘ we ate my donut birthday cake while we talked about all the wonderful places you can go to celebrate Halloween with spooktacular food and drinks!! As a bonus, check out the links below to find out where all the deals & discounts are for the family!! I even have something for those of you are staying in to pass out candy, check out my Recipe of the Day…Candy Corn Cookie Bark!!!


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Who Said Halloween Can’t Be Fun For Adults? Pair These Wines With Popular Candies!

We know Halloween is a holiday for kids and that’s perfectly fine, but who says they get to have all the fun? This list gives us 7 popular Halloween candies that pair perfectly with certain […]

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Celeb Pet’s Halloween Costumes Will Melt Your Heart

Who doesn’t love seeing pets in Halloween costumes? Make it celeb pets and SIGN ME UP! Check out Chrissy Teigen’s dog as a knight and Lauren Conrad’s lion-pup! ADORABLE.   CLICK HERE to see them

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