Hailey Makes Parody Song; “Magician And I Know It”

You never know what Leigh Ann’s kids are going to do.  Especially Hailey.  Yesterday she decided she wanted to be the next Weird Al and took the world of parodying.   She took on the song […]



Hailey’s Dream Vacation

Hailey was asked for school to write what her dream vacation would be.  Not very surprisingly, it did not include a trip somewhere with her mom Leigh Ann.   Look at where and with whom Hailey […]


(Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

Why Hailey Wants To Become Mrs. Bieber

We all know Hailey’s love affair for Justin Bieber.  Well it seems Hailey is ready to take the next step in their relationship.  She’s ready to get hitched but is she okay with all that […]


Is Hailey Ready To Be The Next Food Network Star?

Leigh Ann’s eight year old daughter Hailey has decided that she wants to be a chef. In the picture above is her latest creation. What is the secret recipe?


Has the Girly-Girl Fairy come to visit Leigh Ann’s Daughter?

Hailey gets a new hairstyle and wants to wear dresses and not a football helmet!