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VIDEO: If Girl BFF’s Acted Like Guy BFF’s

I came across this video on buzzfeed and thought it was hilarious. There is one time or another in life I have probably said one of these things. That doesn’t mean I’m proud of it, […]

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Girly Stuff That Guys Secretly Enjoy

Don’t lie guys. The ladies know about the girly things you secretly like.


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Things Guys Think Are Sexy But It’s Not

There are some things guys do that they think are sexy, but in reality, it’s not. Check out the list we came up with.


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The Types Of Guys You’ve Dated In Dallas

If you’ve dated in Dallas, chances are that you’ve dated one of the guys on this list.


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“Girly” Things Guys Wish They Could Do Without Judgement

Guys just wanna have fun too!


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When Guys Plan The Wedding

We discussed the potential for disaster when guys are allowed to plan the wedding.


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Woman Parking Car Gets Cheered On By Soccer Fans

A lady parks her car… And the crowd goes wild!!!


Thursday’s Delilah’s Dilemma, Now The Choice

Tonight’s dilemma is from a woman that doesn’t know which guy to choose.



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