Grown Ups

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Stuff We Hated As Kids But Love As Adults

There are things that we used to hate as kids. We mistook the value of these things. Now that we are adults, we not only recognize the value and just how much we love these […]


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Grown Ups Brawl At Chuck E. Cheese After Ticket Counter Argument

Chuck E. Cheese, where kids can be kids, and grown ups can behave like children and get into fights.



Fun, Fun, Fun One The Disney Magic

On The Disney Magic there are adventures for everyone. From toddlers to grown-ups you will find something to do day or night. You will never be bored on the ship. Tony talks to Carly, the […]


MTV Music Awards Recap

As expected, there were plenty of shock and awe moments at last night’s MTV Movie Awards. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which led the field at the MTV Movie Awards with eight nominations, ended up with […]


Salma Hayek FREAKS out on set

Check out this hilarious video of actress Salma Hayek freaking out during an interview for her upcoming movie Grown Ups. Hayek becomes TERRIFIED after a snake interrupts the interview. Click MORE to watch the video!