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Miley Cyrus Puts Fan’s Thong In Her Mouth

Miley Cyrus just keeps adding fuel to her critics fire. OMFG SOMEONE JUST THREW THEIR THONG ON STAGE AND MILEY PUT IT IN HER MOUTH!!!!! — jason (@JasonTrannn) February 17, 2014 It just seems like […]


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Gross Things Kids Do In Public

Kids do the grossest things… And it always seems to be in public.


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Weird And Random Things We Do For Our Significant Others

We shared some of the weird things we do for our significant others, and boy, are they weird!


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Weird And Gross Food Combos

We’ve all had those meals with the strange pairing of foods that left us scratching our heads and holding our stomachs. This morning, we had to talk about weird and gross food combinations. Buzzfeed recently […]


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Gross Things Kids Do In Public

Kids do the grossest things… And it always seems to be in public.


Aspartame Produced from E.coli Waste

GROSS! Artificial Sweetener Made from Bacteria WASTE

Yeah, so I had to do some more searching around to realize I wasn’t getting punk’d. Here’s the original story I saw back in August: “Guess what aspartame is made from?“ Then I saw this […]


The maggot-themed cupcake from the 'Eat Your Heart Out 2012' cake shop in St. Bartholomew's Pathology Museum in London. (Photo by BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

The World’s Grossest Cupcake

Just in time for Halloween, the world’s most disgusting cupcake.


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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Rude Sports Fans At Grocery Stores

Rude sports fans, ants, and guys who get squeamish around lobster heads are just a few of the things Ain’t Nobody Got Time For this morning!


Julie's bags

The Nastiness Inside Women’s Handbags

A third of women admit that they don’t clean out their purses. What nastiness lurks in Julie’s bags?


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Nasty Things Men Do

Survey reveals that single men only change their bed sheets every three months. What other gross things do they get up to?





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