Julie's bags

The Nastiness Inside Women’s Handbags

A third of women admit that they don’t clean out their purses. What nastiness lurks in Julie’s bags?


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Nasty Things Men Do

Survey reveals that single men only change their bed sheets every three months. What other gross things do they get up to?


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Woman Injests Tapeworm To Lose Weight

Woman thought that a tapeworm would be a great idea to lose weight. She ended up freaking out her doctor and the state health department.


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Gross Things Kids Do In Public

Kids do the grossest things… And it always seems to be in public.


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Woman Finds Frog In Can Of Green Beans

There are things you really don’t want to find in your food. One woman shares the amphibious surprise she found in a can of green beans.


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Professor Says Boogers Are Healthy To Eat

Too gross to even imagine, a biochemistry professor suggests booger-eating could benefit the immune system.


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Man Keeps Fast-Food Burger For 14 Years; It’s Still Good

A 14-year-old burger, that was purchased by David Whipple in Logan, Utah on July 7th, 1999 is not only still around, but it’s in pretty good shape. At least according to a blog post written […]


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Dallas Named 9th Worst City For Bed Bugs

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!


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Unexpected Places Where Germs Are Lurking

You come in contact with these items every day, but you’ll never guess what’s lurking on them.



The Newest Trend In Footwear, Teeth Shoes

Shoes already have tongues, so why not teeth? Artists Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young have transformed an ordinary pair of dinner shoes by replacing the rubber sole with hundreds of teeth. Don’t worry their not […]