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The Creator Of Grey’s Anatomy Is Finally Sharing Why She Killed Off McDreamy

Grey’s Anatomy creator and show-runner Shonda Rhimes is finally opening up about why she killed off McDreamy aka Patrick Dempsey. The death of the popular doctor stunned fans and left many scratching their heads wondering why […]

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Grey’s Anatomy Episode Last Night Shattered Hearts Everywhere

If you were on Twitter or Facebook last night around 9PM then you knew that something big definitely was happening during Grey’s Anatomy. From the trending topics, GIFS and videos popping up of young girls […]

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Whoa! Don’t Expect Katherine Heigl On Scandal Anytime Soon

Shonda Rhimes (The Scandal showrunner) is not a fan of Katherine Heigl. Rhimes was around Heigl plenty when they worked together on Grey’s Anatomy, and she said don’t expect to see the blondie on her current […]

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Music Is a Driving Force in ShondaLand

One of the things that sets the TV shows of Shonda Rhimes apart is her use of music. digs into details on what makes these shows stand out and how it’s impacted the artists.



Lite’s Fall TV Must Watch/DVR List: Day By Day

The Fall season is officially underway with most of the hottest shows kicking off this week or next and plenty of new shows filling in the gaps.   Well with all the TV out there we […]


Natalie Portman Dances Her Way Into Black Swan

Natalie Portman will be hitting the big screen this weekend in a new thriller called Black Swan.