Idina Menzel Is On Board With Frozen's Elsa Having A GirlfriendIf you have a child or even know a child, then you know everything there is to know about Frozen.
Girlfriend Hides In Boyfriend's Trunk To Catch Him Cheating!
This Guy Is Suing His Ex Fiancée For Not Giving Back The Engagement Ring When They Broke Up!
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This Crazy Ex Girlfriend Has The Most Violent And Arrogant Text Rant EVER!
Actress Maria Bello Ends Relationship with Long-Term Girlfriend; Has New Boyfriend (PHOTOS)The actress Maria Bello wrote a memoir last year, Love Is Love, based on a phrase her young son said in regards to her having a girlfriend. That relationship, with Clare Munn, has ended.
This Jerk Forced His Girlfriend To Walk Around NYC Naked! (NSFW)This wrong on so many levels!
Olivia Munn Is Supposedly Ruining The Green Bay PackersDo you agree?
That Didn't Take Long! Here Is Kermit The Frogs New Girlfriend!
VIDEO: Man Cut's Everything In Half He Bought With His Ex-Girlfriend
Guy Makes Girlfriend Over Eat So She Won't Attract Other Men
Ed Sheeran Is Single Again!He's back on the market!

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