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You Won’t Believe What’s Living Inside Your Coffee Maker!

I’m boiling mine in bleach after this!


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12 Facts That Will Terrify You If You Are A Germaphobe

WARNING: Do not continue reading this if you classify yourself as a germaphobe! has compiled a list of 12 disturbing facts that will traumatize you even moreĀ if you are already a germ freak. For […]

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Julie's bags

The Nastiness Inside Women’s Handbags

A third of women admit that they don’t clean out their purses. What nastiness lurks in Julie’s bags?


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Unexpected Places Where Germs Are Lurking

You come in contact with these items every day, but you’ll never guess what’s lurking on them.


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1 In 5 Americans Have Admitted To Using Pools As Bathrooms

This may make you want to stay away from public pools, but a new study has revealed that people do indeed pee in pools. Not only are public pools full of urine, but all those […]


There is E-Coli Where? 6 Surprising Germ Hangouts!

I am a total germ-a-phobe. My family and friends will tell you I am a bit OCD about it whether it comes to cooking, cleaning, being in public, etc. You would be shocked to know […]


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Back 2 School: What Vaccinations Are Necessary?

Whether you’re a student or a teacher heading back for the new school year, the classroom can often be filled with germs and the potential for those germs being spread is great.  So before you […]


Find Out Which Object You Use Everyday That Is Dirtier Than A Toilet

What everyday object has more bacteria than a toilet handle? Up to 18 times as much.


Leigh Ann wonders,”Do you know what’s in your carpet?’

Are you using the 5 second rule on your carpet? Well, you might want to rethink that.