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13 Things Baristas At Starbucks Would Never Tell You

Almost everyone has stepped foot in a Starbucks and ordered a drink. If you have ever wondered what the barista was thinking while you ordered your drink, we have you covered. The one that suck […]

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Taylor Swift Takes Easter Egg Hunts Very Serious, And It’s Adorable

Taylor Swift joined her family for Easter, and it’s the most adorable thing you will see all week. She still takes Easter egg hunts very serious. You can tell how competitive she is in this […]

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Here’s How The Cast Of “Friends” Looked In The Last Episode Compared To Now

Friends is arguably one of the best shows of all time. There are people who still quote the show to this day. Don’t lie you throw out a smelly cat every now and then. The […]

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Men Try To Describe What A Vagina Is And It’s Hilarious

This is hilarious. Men act like they know everything about the female body, but this video proves the opposite. Fellas you might be able to talk a big game, but I don’t think you actually know […]

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“Where Does It Hurt”? 27 Dumbest Things Men Have Said In The Delivery Room

As revealed by moms…thank God I was temporarily smart enough to avoid these when my daughter Ava was born. Ah, pregnancy…something us men will never be able to relate to or (thankfully) have to experience. […]

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Is This Real Or Fake? Jill Duggar Gave Birth To Twins

When people announce stuff on April Fools you tend to not believe them. But then again, sometimes they are trying to trick you. Jill’s brother Josh announced that Jill gave birth to twins yesterday. It […]

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Ed Sheeran On Sesame Street Is The Most Adorable Thing You Will See All Day

As if you didn’t love Ed Sheeran enough already, I bet the video up top made you love him more. How adorable is Ed Sheeran singing on Sesame Street? This is so adorable, I really […]

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You Have To See This List Of Things Texans Do That Would Be Weird Anywhere Else

I don’t know why anyone would think this is weird. All of these are things we do, and see on an everyday basis. Why would people think it is weird we are proud of our […]

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You Will Never Believe Who Jennifer Lawrence Is Dating! Wonder If She Is Cool Moving In With His Mom?

Jennifer Lawrence has a new beau in town. These two have worked together numerous times in movies, and are taking their relationship to the next level. You ready? Her new man is Bradley Cooper. We […]

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NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 11: Piers Morgan attends the Annual Charity Day Hosted By Cantor Fitzgerald And BGC at the Cantor Fitzgerald Office on September 11, 2013 in New York, United States.  (Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald)

TWEETS: Piers Morgan Had A Hilarious Visit To Dallas!

Watching his Twitter is hysterical!