What’s The One Thing You Wish Someone Would Have Told You Before You Had Kids?

Let’s be honest, your whole world changes when you have children. Was there one piece of advice someone gave you that was perfect? What’s the one thing you wish they would have told you? This […]

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This Grandma’s Response To Getting An iPhone For Christmas Is The Best Thing You Have Ever Heard

He decided to give grandma an iPhone for Christmas and her response is classic. “Why do I need this, I have a land line” was her response. I love this lady. She quickly found out […]

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28 Times Selfies Went Too Far In 2014

Please tell me you don’t know someone that does the things on this list. The selfie stick took it to a whole new level this year. My favorite headline was “Selfies giving teens head lice.” […]

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No, these trees aren't celebrities. They BELONG to celebrities. via GettyImages

19 People Who Got Worse Christmas Presents Than You

This list is hilarious, and you have to give the parents an A++ for creativity on some of these. My favorite might be the beets by Dre. The parents took a bottle of beets and […]

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Justin Bieber Eats It On A Skate Board, And It Is Glorious

Justin Bieber was trying to show off his skate board skill in New York this weekend. Only problem is we aren’t to sure about his skill. He tried to Ollie down some stairs multiple times […]

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Fashion is a unique thing in Star Wars, especially to little girls. Photo Credit: GettyImages

WATCH: Little Girl’s Obstinate Approach To Star Wars Fashion

Ever wonder what would happen if the worlds of Star Wars and Fashion collided in the mind of a child? What about if your favorite Saturday Evening radio personality put and educational twist on said […]

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This Guy Had To Be Hospitalized For Chugging To Much Eggnog!

So you have officially been warned. Don’t do this. Although I think it was a freak accident, kind of. It went down his wind pipe instead of into his stomach. He had to be put […]

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Real Life Elf On The Shelf Arrested In New Jersey

I was wondering why my elf on the shelf didn’t come back last night, and now I have the answer. He was partying a little to hard in New Jersey. He was found asleep in the […]

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What Should Your Christmas Nickname Be??

It’s the holiday season, so I thought I would have a little fun and see what my Christmas Nickname would be. I ended up with “Top Shelf Elf” and I’m not sure how I feel about […]

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12 Things Every Guy Should Know By Now

There are certain things men should just know as they grow older. We found a list of the 12 things you should know by now. I have to say that I’m a master of #6. […]

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