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Conan O’Brien Writes Song About Houston

Conan O’Brien shares an ode to horrible Houston to prove his love for Dallas.


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Video: Samuel L. Jackson Delivers ‘Boy Meets World’ Slam Poem

If you watched TV at all in the Nineties, chances are you caught at least an episode of ‘Boy Meets World’. The family sitcom was recently honored on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ by […]


John, Tony, Brendan Higgins, and Julie.

CBS 11′s Brendan Higgins Joins Zazza & Julie For No More Than 4

CBS 11′s Brendan Higgins joins us to play No More Than 4!


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Great April Fool’s Pranks To Pull Today

Here are some great April Fool’s prank ideas to pull today


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Taco Bell President Gives Hilarious Response To Canada’s Breakfast Request

Taco Bell’s president has hilarious response to Canadian request for waffle tacos.


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Video: Things We Can’t Say About March M@#%^$$

Julie Fisk has been sent a memo from our corporate offices on what she can and can’t say regarding the The Tournament That Must Not Be Named happening at AT&T Stadium this March. She’s not […]


Tony & John Dancing

VIDEO: Tony And John Get Tips On How To Dance

Tony and John get pointers on how to dance. Watch the video!


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VIDEO: News Anchor Freaks Out During Earthquake Live On Air

News anchor freaks out live on the air during earthquake.


Tony and the Sydney Opera House

Tony Shares Stories From His Trip To Australia

Tony shares stories from his trip to Australia.


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Tony Prank Calls His Mom

Tony prank calls his mom. The results are hilarious!