Beautiful Drone Footage Catches Couple Getting It On In A Church SteepleYou don't see this everyday!
26 Things All Pregnant Women Have Done, Whether They Admit It Or NotI cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it must be to be pregnant.
Kim Kardashian's Butt Attacks People In New Sum 41 Music Video!Kim Kardashian's butt attacking people is the best thing you will see all day.
Matt Damon Pranks People Sending Them On Secret Missions!This is so funny! What would you do if this happened to you?
Livestock Auctioneers Are This Year's Hottest Rappers (Video)The Vine account "Auctioneer Beats" combined two of America's greatest passions, livestock auctions and amateur hip hop beats, to create three incredibly funny videos showcasing how well the two actually work together.
Parents Caught The Exact Moment Their 5-Year-Old Got Attacked By A PeacockThis is hilarious!!
President Obama Does 5 Things Harder Than Registering To Vote (Video)That being said, President Obama and Buzzfeed partnered together to put together a pretty funny video highlighting 5 things that are harder to do than registering to vote.
Dad Uses Squirrel To Pull His Daughters Tooth And It's Kind Of Awesome!We can't make this stuff up! This is awesome!
Dave Grohl From The Foo Fighters Shares Hilarious Story About Taylor SwiftThis is one of the greatest Taylor Swift stories we have ever heard!
Mom's Doing Dad Jokes Is Our New Favorite Thing On The InternetDad's have had the market cornered on Jokes for year, heck there is even an entire subreddit about it.
Bride Demands Bridesmaids Help Pay For Her $10,500 Wedding Dress!This is insane! Why would she demand this?
This Is How To Contour Your Butt So It Looks Lifted And Toned!This instantly makes your butt look AMAZING!

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