The Irving Police Department Made A Pokémon Go Safety Video And It's Hilarious!This is hilarious! Be sure to stay safe while hunting Pokémon!
This Cat Skateboarding Is Everything You Need In Life (Video)Boomer is a Bengal cat who lives in Australia, and he is the raddest feline you will ever see.
Watch This Newscaster Run After The Hot Man She Just Interviewed!This is the best video you will watch all day! We love this newscaster!
Watch This Cat Ride A Scooter! (Video)That poor kitty doesn't even have a helmet on!
This Guy Quit His Job So He Could Travel The World And Hunt Pokémon
This Hot Guy Working Out With His Cat Is What You Need In Your Life!We will leave this right here for you! You're welcome!
Melissa McCarthy Admits She Had A Supernatural Experience After The Release Of GhostbustersHave you ever seen a ghost? We would love to hear about it!
Chris Pratt Tried Making Donald Duck Pancakes For His Toddler And Failed Adorably (Video)Chris Pratt did his daddy best. He tried making Donald Duck pancakes for his 3-year-old, Jack, and they came out less than desirable
This Huge Penis Cloud In Miami Will Trip You Out!Yep! That's what it is!
Katy Perry Weighs In on The Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Drama!We can't wait for Taylor Swift to respond to this!
Little Girls Thinks Her Sister Is Dying After She Has Her Period (Video)Meelah had her period and rushed to the restroom to take care of it, but didn't check to make sure the door was properly closed and the lock properly latched. Little sister Rain wondered in, curious as all get-up, and immediately noticed her sister bleeding...down there.
Man Falls In Pond Playing Pokemon Go (Video)Because users must constantly look down at their phones while playing, a lot of accidents will occur, like this video from YouTube user Gragas The Rabble Rouser.

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