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Leigh Ann: Friends Reunion? Well, Sort Of

It’s like we’ve hit the sitcom jackpot today. First I told you about Sarah Jessica Parker confirming rumors of a third Sex in the City and now this! While it won’t be a Friends reunion show it’ll be close.


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She Mail: Woman Finds Husband’s Hidden Bank Account

A woman seeks advice after stumbling across husband’s hidden bank account.


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She Mail: Woman Tired Of Parents Setting Up Blind Dates

This morning, we had She Mails from a woman tired of blind dates set up by her parents. Check out the other She Mails we had this morning and the advice Julie gave.


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She Mail: Woman Horrified By New Boyfriend’s Messy House

This morning, Julie gave advice to a She Mailer horrified by her new beau’s messy home.


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She Mail: Woman Seeks Help After Loaning Money To Friend

Julie gives advice to a woman who loaned some money to help a friend’s family but now feels burdened after family won’t pay her back.


Honey Do List

Tony Wants Out Of Friend’s Crazy Honey-Do List

Tony is trying to find a way out of a friend’s Honey Do List. Check out what’s on the list to do.


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SheMail: Dealing With A Friend’s Cancer Diagnosis

Julie Fisk helps a listener with how to handle when a friend gets a scary diagnosis. Check out her advice in today’s SheMail.


Would You Do This To Your Best Friend?

The things women will do to stay thin. You may not believe the results of this survey.


Friday’s Delilah’s Dilemma, Help For A Friend

Tonight’s listener Crystal is worried about her friend Julie. And a family that is taking advantage.


Monday’s Delilah’s Dilemma, My Best Friend

Tonight’s dilemma concerns a young lady, a best friend and  a guy.




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