Fried Chicken

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Domino’s Unveils Pizza With Fried Chicken Crust

Dominos has combined pizza and fried chicken. Let the heavens rejoice.


(Photo by ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Fried Chicken Doughnuts

I would so eat this. Doesn’t it sound good? Donuts make everything better…even chicken Delish has a story about how Glazed Donut Bistro in Los Angeles is doing some pretty innovative stuff with doughnuts. The […]


Best Southern Cooking In North Texas

The movie The Help has everyone hungering for good Southern homecooking. Gene & Julie talk with Dallas Morning News food critic Leslie Brenner about the best places get your fix.


Happy Fried Chicken Day!

Today is National Fried Chicken Day, a day to celebrate one of America’s favorite foods — and probably one of the biggest contributors to our obesity problem.