This Picture Looks Just Like A Dead Man's Leg...But It's Not!Our friend posted this photo, and it went viral.
Cult Beauty Product Called "Baby Foot" Is Getting Women Sandal Feet Ready!
Foot Sniffing Bandit Caught In Florida!
Texas Officer With Foot Fetish I’ve heard of some unusual ways that people get out of speeding tickets.
Kristen Stewart Hobbles While Hob-Nobbing At The OscarsWhat was up with the hobbling Kristen Stewart? Find out why she needed crutches.
Subway's Footlongs Not Measuring UpFive dollar... five dollar... five dollar not-quite-a-footlong. Subway has some explaining to do after customers discover their sandwiches aren't measuring up.
Gene Wants To Walk On Fire
Jennifer Aniston Got A Tattoo
Another Sighting Of Bigfoot! Is He Real?

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