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Julie’s Jabbers: Can’t. Stop. EATING.

There are some tried & true methods we’re told to follow when trying to lose weight like “find someone who will hold you accountable” and “write down everything you eat in a day.”


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Dallas Pizzeria Cane Rosso Bans Ranch Dressing As A Joke

Cane Rosso’s ranch dressing ban is stirring up fans of weird food combos.


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Our Bizarre Eating Habits

Some won’t eat misshapen food, others will divide their candy and devour by colors. We shared our bizarre eating habits this morning.


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Woman Finds Deadly Spiders Hiding On Her Store-Bought Banana

As if finding spiders on your banana was bad enough, they had to be the world’s deadliest spiders.


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The Oldest Thing Living In Your Fridge

We reached into the back of our fridges to find what had been there the longest.


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100 Things You Should Eat In Dallas

Dallas food blog Oh Hey Dallas has come up with a sort of bucket list for foodies. 100 items from 100 restaurants.


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Top 10 Secret Fast Food Menu Items

Taking a look at the secret menus of our favorite fast food restaurants and the best concoctions they have to offer.


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Food We’d Miss If We Moved Out Of North Texas

We shared about the food we would miss the most if we ever left DFW.



I Got Busted Cheating On My Diet This Weekend, What Was My Cheat Food?

Kory got busted cheating on his diet this weekend, what was his go-to cheat food? What’s yours?


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Weird And Gross Food Combos

We’ve all had those meals with the strange pairing of foods that left us scratching our heads and holding our stomachs. This morning, we had to talk about weird and gross food combinations. Buzzfeed recently […]





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