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Domino’s Unveils Pizza With Fried Chicken Crust

Dominos has combined pizza and fried chicken. Let the heavens rejoice.


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Pro Soccer Player Gets Fooled By Eating Phenom, Kobayashi

And the April Fools Jokes keep coming in!


The Waffle Tacos

Taco Bell Starts Serving Breakfast Today

Taco Bell has breakfast!!


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Diets You’ve Never Heard Of

Yesterday I gave you diet tips. Today its diets you’ve never heard of. These diets are crazy. HERE is the list. There isn’t one on the list that I’ve done. Although, I did think twice […]


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Julie’s Jabbers: Can’t. Stop. EATING.

There are some tried & true methods we’re told to follow when trying to lose weight like “find someone who will hold you accountable” and “write down everything you eat in a day.”


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Dallas Pizzeria Cane Rosso Bans Ranch Dressing As A Joke

Cane Rosso’s ranch dressing ban is stirring up fans of weird food combos.


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Our Bizarre Eating Habits

Some won’t eat misshapen food, others will divide their candy and devour by colors. We shared our bizarre eating habits this morning.


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Woman Finds Deadly Spiders Hiding On Her Store-Bought Banana

As if finding spiders on your banana was bad enough, they had to be the world’s deadliest spiders.


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The Oldest Thing Living In Your Fridge

We reached into the back of our fridges to find what had been there the longest.


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100 Things You Should Eat In Dallas

Dallas food blog Oh Hey Dallas has come up with a sort of bucket list for foodies. 100 items from 100 restaurants.





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