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450 Tamales Were Confiscated By Border Patrol And The Tweets Are Hilarious!
Junk Food Is Not To Blame For Obesity In AmericaNow, this doesn't mean you can go eat all the candy and Burger King you want, it just means that eliminating this food is not going to fully resolve the weight issues in America.
$1 Cheese Sticks Are Coming To McDonald's And They Look AMAZING!
Would You Be Brave Enough To Tell Oprah She Had Food In Her Teeth? This Dude WasIt happens to all of us, food gets lodged in our teeth and during a meal or snack and then someone well eventually tell you and you will remove it. The whole thing and be a bit awkward and even a little embarrassing. But how would you handle it if the person with food caught in there teeth was someone rich and famous. Someone like Oprah.
If You Have Eaten A Subway Sandwich Since 2003 You Just Won A Settlement!
Sunday Funday BrunchGooood Morning and Happy Sunday to YOU!! Check out this tasty seafood brunch recipe that you can make very quickly! If you haven't tried to make a seafood dish before, this is a great one to try. Enjoy!!
Anne Hathaway Sent Her Food Back To The Kitchen Four Times! Was She In The Wrong?
New Study Shows If You Drink Your Coffee Black You Might Be A Psychopath!!
You Have Been Getting These 21 Food Names Wrong Your Entire Life
Ton's Of Dog Food Is Being Recalled Due To Salmonella! Is Your Food On The List?
Here Is How You Can Find Cheap Drinks, Food, And Parking At The State Fair
HOLD UP! Someone Just Deep-Fried Pumpkin Spice Lattes And They Look AMAZING!
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