Alligator That Killed 2-Year-Old at Disney World Has Been CaughtFlorida wildlife officials have removed six alligators from the Disney lagoon where a toddler died last week after being attacked. They’re certain that the sixth alligator is the one responsible.
Funeral Held for Child Killed by Alligator; Charity EstablishedThe two-year-old boy who was killed in last week’s alligator attack at Disney World was laid to rest yesterday.
Parents of 2-Year-Old Killed by Alligator Release New Statement
Orlando Nightclub Shooter ID'd: 50 Killed, 53 Hospitalized
Mom Fights Off Would Be Kidnapper! (Video)This is INSANE. A Florida mother and her daughter were shopping at a Dollar General when a man came up and tried to kidnap the 13 year old. In broad daylight!
Dad Puts Disrespectful Son's SUV On Craigslist, Tough Love Works!One Florida parent was fed up with his son smoking week and "acting all thug."
Casey Anthony Admitted to Killing Her Daughter in 2008
Country Star Zac Brown Busted With Cocaine And Strippers!
Two Trucks Crash, Littering Florida Highway with Doritos and BeerThey’re calling it the ‘most Florida crash ever.’ Fortunately, no one was seriously injuried
Florida Investigators Release Footage Of Garbage Truck Falling Nearly 100ft Off Overpass. Watch It HereThis video is insane!
Poll Shows Nearly 40% Of People Think Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Is The Zodiac Killer(*shaking our heads*)
9-Foot Anaconda Found in Florida (PHOTO)Yikes! It’s one of the largest snakes in the world and is considered dangerous to the Florida ecology.

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