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The #1 U.S. Spring Break Destination Is?

Florida! This year’s #1 USA spring break vacation destination. Better call ahead if you’re thinking about driving/flying down.


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Alligator Goes Shopping At Walmart

Alligator surprises WalMart shoppers.


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She Mail: Husband’s Ex-Wife Wants To Tag Along On Family Vacation

Julie gave advice to a woman whose husband’s ex-wife wants to tag along on a family vacation.


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Bigfoot Relative Caught On Camera

A video of the elusive Skunk Ape, a cousin of Bigfoot, has surfaced. Does it prove the existence of Bigfoot-like creatures?


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Bus Driver Busted For Forcing Students To Brawl In Backyard

Bus driver faces charges after making two students duke it out when they argued on the bus.


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Man Dials 911 80 Times For Burgers, Kool-Aid, And Pot

Man with the worst case of the munchies calls 911 80 times for burgers, kool-aid, and weed.


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Woman Swallows Diamond At Charity Party

An 80-year-old woman accidentally swallowed a diamond that was in her champagne glass at a charity event.


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Man Hurt While Hunting Squirrels With A Bullet Taped To BB Gun

Man goes squirrel hunting with a bullet taped to a BB gun. This is going to end well for the squirrel.


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Woman Bites Littering Spring Breaker On The Face

Don’t litter in Florida. A Spring Break visitor was bitten on the face by someone who was upset about their littering.


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Abandoned Storage Unit Full Of Human Organs And Brains

A former medical examiner crudely preserved human organs of over 100 people in plastic food containers found inside the storage unit.