Two Delta Flight Attendants Got Into A Fist Fight While In The Air!What would you do if you witnessed this?
Guy Fakes Scary In-Flight Emergency To Propose!
Stop Everything: Jetpacks Are REALToday, video surfaced of a tea of Jetmen (aka Jet Pack Pilots; way ahead on technology, way behind on gender representation) soaring alongside a massive plane. Not some kind of conspiracy theory video, either. This thing is legit. We googled it and found it on the Latest World News youtube feed. And it's validated by legitimate journalists.
Guy Uses Amazing Travel Hack To Score $60,000 First-Class Flight For $300
Man Reportedly Choked A Woman For Reclining Her Seat To Far Back On A Southwest Airlines Flight
American Airlines Pilot Dies During Flight!
VIDEO: Super Cat Takes Plane Ride...On The Wing Of An Aircraft!He should change his name to "Kitty Hawk."
VIDEO: If You're From Dallas You Will Love This Video! It Will Be The Highlight Of Your Day!
PHOTOS: These Are The Worst Airline Passengers Of All Time!Are you guilty of any of these?
Woman Suing United Airlines After Forcing Her Autistic Daughter Off A Flight!
Women Gets Drunk On An Airplane And Joins Mile High Club By Herself
Shocking Video Of Attempted Hijacking On United Airlines Flight Out Of Virginia

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