Flight Attendant Reveals Airline SecretsKelly Payne, a former flight attendant, wrote a piece recently on Secrets you may not know about the airline industry.
Watch Rapper Azealia Banks Go Postal On A Flight Attendant(Warning: Language NSFW)
WestJet Flight Attendant Gives The Best In-Flight Safety InstructionsThere’s nothing more tedious for airline passengers than the safety briefing at the start of a flight. It’s vitally important information, but come on, it’s the same thing over and over.
Hilarious Flight Attendant Horror Stories!What's it like to serve Nicki Minaj on an airplane? These flight attendants are spilling the details on some of the craziest things they have seen in the air.
VIDEO: Southwest Flight Attendant's Hilarious Pre-Flight SpeechThis needs no introduction...
VIDEO: Southwest Flight Attendant Goes Viral With Hilarious Safety AnnouncementMarty Cobb's hilarious safety schpiel on a Southwest flight has gone viral. Zazza & Julie chatted with her this morning about her video.
World's Coolest Flight Attendant Found
J-Lo Drama Soars To New Heights With News Of Stewardess Affair
Steven Slater Sets The Record Straight With Gene And Julie
Flight Attendant Jumps To Unemployment

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