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Franken-Salmon Are Safe For Environment

You could soon be eating genetically engineered fish.  A Massachusetts-based company is seeking to market a salmon that genetically grows twice as fast as it’s wild brethren. The Food and Drug Administration has said that […]


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Curiosity Spooked The Cat

We all know what happens to curious cats. This kitty was poking around the family fish aquarium when he gets a big surprise from one of the aquarium’s residents.



7 Foods To Help You Think!

I am obsessed with medicine. I wish I would have been as interested in it as I am now when I was in college. I can’t get enough. I watch Dr. Oz and other medical […]


Gene & Julie’s Relationship Reportcard

Gene receives an A for being so helpful and caring when his daughter’s first pet died. Julie gets a “good grade” score for being awesome?