VIDEO: Boy Holds Most Adorable Funeral EVER For His Gold Fish!

This might be the most adorable video you watch all week. This little boy just lost his gold fish, and did what lots of us have done. Flush him down the toilet. He holds it […]

103.7 KVIL–04/10/2015

(Photo credit JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images)

Franken-Salmon Are Safe For Environment

You could soon be eating genetically engineered fish.  A Massachusetts-based company is seeking to market a salmon that genetically grows twice as fast as it’s wild brethren. The Food and Drug Administration has said that […]


Photo from YouTube

Curiosity Spooked The Cat

We all know what happens to curious cats. This kitty was poking around the family fish aquarium when he gets a big surprise from one of the aquarium’s residents.



7 Foods To Help You Think!

I am obsessed with medicine. I wish I would have been as interested in it as I am now when I was in college. I can’t get enough. I watch Dr. Oz and other medical […]


Gene & Julie’s Relationship Reportcard

Gene receives an A for being so helpful and caring when his daughter’s first pet died. Julie gets a “good grade” score for being awesome?