Reports Confirm Children's Hospital Is On FireVideo from outside the hospital, saying "the hospital is on fire."
Someone Tried To Burn Down The Kardashian's Clothing Store!
This Guys Wife's Hair Caught On Fire During A Romantic Bubble Bath!Wonder what her hair looks like now?
New Insane Bodycam Footage Shows Firefighters Saving A Construction Worker From Burning Building In Houston Seconds Before It Collapses To The GroundThis man is lucky to be alive. Construction supervisor, Curtis Reissig went to the roof to stop a small fire and soon became trapped as the flames spread around him.
During A Dance Competition Woman Catchers Her Vagina On Fire!
This Picture Is Why You Should Never Sleep With Your Phone In The Bed!You have been warned! WOW!
See the Mansfield First Grader Who Saved His Family in House FireSeven-year-old Damian Grimsley’s family lost everything but their lives yesterday morning in the wee hours. He woke-up to flames in his bedroom, raced around them into the hall, banged on his parents door and they all fled the house. You can see the results of the fire here.
There Was A Huge Fire On Katy Trail Today!So glad no one was hurt in the fire today!
Woman Interviewed After Apartment Fire Becomes The Latest Viral Sensation!"Something wrong, it's poppin'!"
Massive Fire At Luxury 63-Story Hotel In Dubai
Hoverboard Catches On Fire In The Middle Of A Texas Mall
Two Words: Fire TornadoMove over, Sharknado, this thing would burn you alive!

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