Dallas Burger King Employee Beat And Threatened Over Milkshake Guy Didn't Like!This is insane! Does anyone know who this guy is?
Deion Sanders Has Video Proof That His Son Did Not Beat Up His School Staffer"Please check out this video which shows he was the aggressor, not my son, and there was NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH HIM AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE MATTER. This grown man was on top of My son Shilo the entire time during the interaction."
Taylor Swift And Ex Calvin Harris Purging All Evidence Of Their RelationshipThis is a coverup white-collar criminals would be proud of.
Hillary Clinton Tells Donald Trump To Delete His Twitter AccountHillary Clinton might have just gotten the ultimate burn on Donald Trump.
The Man Who Fought Justin Bieber Reveals What Really Went DownInitially we had no idea what caused the ruckus. Well the man allegedly in the video claims the brawl was all over women and autographs.
Here Is The First Look At The RHOD Reunion! This Is Going To Be Awesome!
BREAKING: Justin Bieber In A Fist Fight And He Got His A$$ KickedJustin Bieber got into an all-out street brawl with a guy much bigger than him Wednesday night in Cleveland.
Cop Broke Up A Bar Fight Then Proceeded To Belt Out Some KaraokeMore police should be cool like this!
Johnny Manziel Thrown Out Of Vegas Nightclub for Fighting
VIDEO: Alec Baldwin Loses His Sh*t AGAIN On A PaparazzoWatch out for his temper. Baldwin is unpredictable.
VIDEO: Fast Food Manager Goes Off on Customers"I am the boss! My dad's actually the fu&#ing owner..."
VIDEO: Woman Beats Crap Out Of Guy Who Groped Her On ElevatorWell this is amazing, security footage of a woman kicking the crap out of some guy who groped her on the elevator is blowing up on the internet.

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