Middle-Aged Guy Catfishes Woman Into 'Fifty Shades' Style Sexual Encounter!This is just about the creepiest thing I have heard of...ever.
Big Changes Could Be Coming To The Next Fifty Shades Movie
VIDEO: Local Artist Boy Epic's "Fifty Shades" Video Nears 1 Million Views!Remember when we first introduced you to Boy Epic?
Naked Photos Of Jamie Dornan On Set Of Fifty Shades Of Grey!Feast your eyes upon THESE! Laters baby.
GLEE Hottie Says He Plans To Watch Fifty Shades In Bondage Gear!Just the mental picture alone makes this worth reading.
Jamie Dornan Says More Men Are Submissive Than Women
Will “Fifty Shades” Be Too Sexy For A Theater Near You?
Should ‘Fifty Shades’ Writer E.L. James Be TIME’s Person Of The Year?The author makes the short list of nominees for this year’s cover, but does she deserve the coveted spot?
Upcoming ‘Fifty Shades’ Movie Gets a WriterThe dream of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey coming to a theater near you is getting closer to becoming a reality.
Who Is The Chef Behind the ‘Fifty Shades’ Cookbook?We have a few ideas who might be the mystery chef behind the new chicken cookbook based off of the erotic trilogy, but who do you think the real E.L. Fowler is?
‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Cooking Class - It Does ExistDishes inspired by the erotic trilogy include playroom pretzel ropes, bondage wrapped shrimp and a martini called The Flogger. Moms and daughters are signing up.

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