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Using Our Significant Other’s Stuff

What do you use that belongs to your significant other?


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Man’s Worst Proposal Idea Backfires

Dude springs wedding on heels of engagement… things did not go well.


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She Mail: Woman Waiting On Married Man To Leave Wife

Julie gave advice to a woman whose family think her boyfriend is a mooch, a mother whose teen daughter is freaked out by mom’s fiancé, and a woman waiting on married boss to leave wife.


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She Mail: Man Worried About Why Fiancé Won’t Wear Ring

This morning, Julie had a He Mail from a guy who is worried about his fiance being reluctant to wear her engagement ring.


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She Mail: Bride Worries After Fiance Drops Cheating Bomb

Julie helped a woman whose fiance admitted to a dalliance early in their relationship and needs advice on whether she should go through with the wedding.


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She Mail: Woman Isn’t Jazzed About Engagement Ring

This morning, Julie gave advice to a woman who isn’t jazzed about her engagement ring.


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She Mail: Future In-Laws’ Hoarding Frightens Fiance

This morning, Julie helped a woman who discovered that her future in-laws are massive hoarders.


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Worst Proposal Guy Reveals What Happened

We finally get to find out what happened to Worst Proposal Guy! Did he get his happily ever-after, or was it a crushing defeat?


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Worst Proposal Guy Heads To Hawaii

Tony’s friend with the worst proposal idea ever has left for Hawaii, but he left Tony a voicemail before hopping on the plane. What did he say??


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Tony’s Friend Has Worst Proposal Idea Ever

Tony shared this morning about a friend of his who is making all sorts of plans that could go very well or totally crash and burn. Being the concerned friend, Tony is trying to talk […]




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