PIC: Steven Tyler Has The Ugliest Feet In History

Steven Tyler might have the ugliest feet ever. He was on the Real Housewives, and they showed his feet. WOW! You have to see these bad boys. He had to have broken all of his […]

103.7 KVIL–02/25/2015

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Steven Tyler Has Messed Up Feet

Have you seen Steven Tyler’s feet? They are so ugly! Don’t believe me just take a look right HERE. What do you think of his feet? Let us know in the comments below.


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Don’t Touch Me There

We chatted about the places on our body where we really don’t want people to touch us.


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John Twerked On The Door For Truth Or Dare For Cher

Check out what you dared us to do for Truth Or Dare For Cher this morning!!


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Kristen Stewart Hobbles While Hob-Nobbing At The Oscars

What was up with the hobbling Kristen Stewart? Find out why she needed crutches.


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Gene Wants To Walk On Fire

Gene has made the decision to do something huge. This weekend, Gene will walk on fire. It’s one of those “bucket list” level items that has brought many people a sense of enrichment and empowerment […]



Your Feet Holds ALL The Secrets

If you want to know what someone is really like, take a look at their feet, according to Dr. Nancy Sax, the world’s leading personality on feet analysis.  Yes, there is a leading personality on […]


Leigh Ann Says, “This Is A Yabba Dabba Don’t!”

A man in Michigan tried to stop his pick-up using his feet! Maybe he thought that he was Fred Flintstone.


Do You Wash…In The Shower?

It’s time for a poll! It’s all about washing in the shower. Do you or don’t you wash this?


Apparently Leigh Ann’s Not The Only One With Ugly Feet

People give Leigh Ann a hard time about her feet.  But, these feet in the picture above belong to the model Iman. What do you think?