Customer Finds Foot In Their Chipotle (Pictures)Chipotle, while delicious, has not had the best track record the last few years in terms of quality and hygiene.
Cult Beauty Product Called "Baby Foot" Is Getting Women Sandal Feet Ready!
People Are Talking So Much Trash About Kate Middleton's Feet!
Penelope Cruz Was Asked About Her "Ugly Feet" On The Today Show!Why did they ask her that? WTH?
This Man Has The Largest Feet In The World And They Won't Stop Growing
Foot Sniffing Bandit Caught In Florida!
PIC: Steven Tyler Has The Ugliest Feet In History
Steven Tyler Has Messed Up Feet
Don't Touch Me ThereWe chatted about the places on our body where we really don't want people to touch us.
John Twerked On The Door For Truth Or Dare For CherCheck out what you dared us to do for Truth Or Dare For Cher this morning!!
Kristen Stewart Hobbles While Hob-Nobbing At The OscarsWhat was up with the hobbling Kristen Stewart? Find out why she needed crutches.
Gene Wants To Walk On Fire

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